Monday, June 30, 2014

my friend went to heaven with out me yesterday.
she wasn't in a hurry and did her best to live
as long as she could.
she packed a lot of living in 53 years.
she had lots more living she wanted to do.
graduations, weddings, babies, and growing old with 
her hubby. 

there is a big hole in my heart.
tears are my companion today.
so are smiles and a few chuckles too.
we shared those things together in the 19 years
i was blessed to call her my friend.


Saturday, December 7, 2013

oh what a week it's been...

...full of highs and lows.

and not just temperatures either. 
yes  we started out with warm days.
even got up to the low 70's. 

and then it dropped drastically.
by wednesday it was breath stealing cold. 
low teens, even single digits
with negative wind chills. 
no woohoo 
more like boohoo.
i started the week at my sisters having a grand time.
spent mid-week with a bunch 
of girlfriends doing the yearly mammogram
adventure and shopping.
much laughing and giggling happened.
every one got the a okay health wise too!
thanks God.

finished the week by telling my dad's 
remaining sibling good bye.
my uncle went to heaven this evening.  
i think he was 88.
i got to visit him and his family this afternoon.
heard some sweet early marriage stories.
they were married for 68 years.
i admire those kinds of commitments.
they even lost a son to cancer and
remained strong through that.
thank You God. 

before i left i gave my uncle a hug and 
asked him to give mom a hug when 
he got to heaven. 
i'm going to miss him. 

i bet they get the card-party gang together 
for a rousing round of pinochle.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

kitchen dancin' and recipe wanderin'

i am feeling domestic today it seems.
i have organized the laundry room,
doing laundry.
baked a pumpkin,
roasted pumpkin seeds,
making a veggie lasagna.

is working today,
so i've got the music cranked up
and i've been moving and grooving.

ya wanna know what the music is?
several years ago a mixed cd
of eye-talian music was made
to be used at my nephews
wedding rehearsal supper.
and when i knew i wanted to try a new
lasagna recipe, i knew it called 
for eye-talian music.
fyi, brown-eyed-h.m. pronounces it that way. 
and HE is on my mind.
see he is a meat man.
he will tolerate veggies...
as long as he has a meat chaser!

veggie lasagna has NO meat.
i can bet money he will NOT
even try it.  

this morning i read a recipe using butternut squash
it sounded very tasty. 
butternut squash i do not have.
however i do have pumpkins we grew on the farm,
and they are technically squash...
so why not?

often with me, one thing leads to another..
bake the pumpkin, might as well roast the seeds. 
then i needed to make a run to our local
mini-mart for mozzarella cheese.
well they had portabella mushrooms
and fresh zucchini.
tasty idea.
and then i've had these beets for awhile,
one veggie led to another.
and i knew i had lost the chance 
b.e.h.m would even get close to this dish.
his loss i'm certain. 
not to mention i was no longer following the recipe.

all this wandering got me to wondering...
do YOU follow the recipes?  

in the mean time the veggie lasagna is baking
and Mack the Knife has kept
me company and kitchen dancin'.

i think i'll take a nap...
unless i make a pie with the 
rest of the baked pumkin.
wonder if i have the ingredients?

look what just came out of the oven.





Tuesday, October 8, 2013

button poppin' proud

i have been visiting our youngest,
the new second grade teacher. 
lucky lucky me even got to go to class
with her and help a bit.

she had told them a surprise visitor was coming.
someone guessed Batman.
someone was wrong.

since i came with gifts,
i was warmly welcomed
and Batman was forgotten.

she has 20 students.
40 eyes of wonder,
20 mouths of chattering questions.
and one teacher who keeps them...
on task,
and having fun.

she says to them
"friends. i need your voice 
to be on level 0. "
"friends. it's time for reading centers."
or a hundred other different commands/suggestions.
and they do it!

and boy howdy does she have the eagle eyes!!!
i thought as a seasoned mom of 30 + years
i was good at noticing things.
not as good as she is!

she was teaching along one time
then quietly picks up some small piece of paper
and while still teaching lays this paper on the
desk of a few "friends."

why did they get something?
what is it?

later i had a chance to discover what it was.
they had gotten a stop sign that said
"stop. think about what you are doing."

so basically the "friend" was not paying 
attention and this was her quiet way
to bring them in line.  
it was effective.
sadly enough this class of unending energy
has only one 10 minute recess a day.
yes, only 1.
personally i think that is criminal
because kids have energy that needs to be expressed.
and brains need a break.

well they get it.
when she sees the wigglys taking over
they stop
and stand up.
and then they will do
some yoga stretches,
but usually they will dance.

they started the year doing the 
cha cha slide.
and now have added 
"penguin attention,
penguin salute!"
a verbal and action thing.

yesterday we did the macarena.
one little girl was doing great
until it came time for the hip wiggle.
then she hunches her shoulders,
ducks her head, 
covers her face
and giggles.
she was too embarrassed to
hip wiggle.
(ahhh.. i know.)

regardless of what physical song or 
dance routine they do,
it accomplishes what it needs to.
and the students can go back
to focusing and learning.

they really like her.
even students not in her class greet her.
(she said she didn't know them.)

the adjustment of learning a new job, 
in a totally new place
has sometimes been a bit challenging.
but she's getting it nailed down.

she leaves at 7:15 in the morning,
has students by 8:50 until 2:30 with 
only 25 minutes to grab a bite to eat
and bathroom break.
at 3:30 she has another batch of kids
to tutor, 
and then she teaches a small cooking class with
a few more different kids.
we didn't leave the school grounds
until 5:45.

and she mentioned she is tired!

like ALL educators she works hard.
but she's making a difference.
and it's worth it.
yes daughter-roo, it is. 
otherwise you wouldn't 
be doing it.

she told the kids 
"put your name on the paper
and the date at the top."
and has turned it into a chant.

they love it.
and were repeating it often,
sometimes randomly.
you know like when you
sometimes burst into song
for no apparent reason.

you don't?
well try it.
it's good for the soul.

we are PROUD of this new teacher.
all the staff told me how much they like

it's a wonder i'll be able to get/fit my swollen
head and heart on the plane today to go home. 

Monday, September 30, 2013

a pie "thief"

bird and some punkins

we grew pumpkins on the farm this summer.
it really was a joint effort
verses like the little-red hens-bread story.

my nephew hooked up the tiller to the tractor.
brown-eyed-handsome man tilled the garden.
i raked the weeds and bought the seeds.
sister-bird and i planted the seeds.
dad watered the seeds...
kind of.
he used more force than necessary 
so the seeds washed out.
so sister bird and i replanted the
pumpkin seeds repeatedly.
eventually some "took"
and plants began to grow.


dad watered them until 
bird and her retired-hunter-hubby
lived at the farm this summer.
then she became the official weeder and 

now that it's fall the harvest has begun.
recently dad and i picked a few pumpkins.
this last thursday i baked one at the farm
and then made 2 pies with it. 

friday dad had a luncheon at the church
and i suggested he go and take a pie.
" why should i share my pies?" 
he asked. 

silly man.
he did go and he did share a pie.
it was a big hit.

imagine my amazement though  
on saturday when several of those 
luncheon attenders told me about the pie 
my dad made and shared with them all!

dad made the pie? 

i suggested to one sweet lady she 
ask dad for his recipe.
eventually i understood
dad indicated he grew
the pumpkin but left the 
rest up to others imagination. 



Tuesday, September 24, 2013

whatcha readin' ?

i come from a family of readers.
my folks both read a lot.
i remember my grammie reading books.
i like to read.
our 3 kids enjoy a good book too.

brown-eyed-handsome-man only reads
non fiction. 
he's a big history buff.
i can read fiction or not. 
just depends on if a book interests me.

this summer in my local library 
i found a new book  Grounded by
some of my favorite authors..
Neta and Dave Jackson. 
i devoured it.
then i liked them on facebook.

one day i got really really lucky.
they were asking for 40 people to read 
their latest book  Derailed and review it.
so... i got a free book.

when it came i devoured it too.
and could hardly wait to write my review.
since the book is not being released until
Oct. 8th
i thought i had to wait until then to 
do so.
nope, not according to the email today from 
the Jacksons.

so.... i quickly posted some reviews. 
and now i'm writing one here.

if you enjoy christian fiction
that is uplifting, encouraging,
not namby-pamby-butterflies-and-rainbows-ish,
but a bit of a mystery....
this book is for you. 
you'll be encouraged in your faith 
and prayer life, plus enjoy some adventure
as the characters become your friends.

and when you get finished with those two,
read the Yada Yada Prayer Group series.

the end. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of School

yup, we have a first-day-of-school-er.
our youngest is starting today.
and we couldn't be prouder. 

here's her preschool graduation photo.
doesn't seem that long ago.
only 1995.

today in a state far away from her home
she will be in a class of 21 kids.
i know there is some nervous energy for all of them.
first days can be scarey.
it's uncharted territory,
a thing you've never done before.
will they like me? 

that ole' fear of the unknown.
especially for the teacher.
i reminded her she just needs to be kind.
besides that....
she does know more than they do!

happy first day of teaching darling daughter.