Saturday, December 7, 2013

oh what a week it's been...

...full of highs and lows.

and not just temperatures either. 
yes  we started out with warm days.
even got up to the low 70's. 

and then it dropped drastically.
by wednesday it was breath stealing cold. 
low teens, even single digits
with negative wind chills. 
no woohoo 
more like boohoo.
i started the week at my sisters having a grand time.
spent mid-week with a bunch 
of girlfriends doing the yearly mammogram
adventure and shopping.
much laughing and giggling happened.
every one got the a okay health wise too!
thanks God.

finished the week by telling my dad's 
remaining sibling good bye.
my uncle went to heaven this evening.  
i think he was 88.
i got to visit him and his family this afternoon.
heard some sweet early marriage stories.
they were married for 68 years.
i admire those kinds of commitments.
they even lost a son to cancer and
remained strong through that.
thank You God. 

before i left i gave my uncle a hug and 
asked him to give mom a hug when 
he got to heaven. 
i'm going to miss him. 

i bet they get the card-party gang together 
for a rousing round of pinochle.


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  1. Just wanted to thank you for your sweet, encouraging comment on my blog. Your comments always make me smile. :)